Monday, 4 August 2014


Long time no see my daydreamers.

I'm so sorry that I gave up on you guys like that but I'm back and better than ever. So whats new, I hear you ask?
Lets have an overview of my goings on since my last post shall we?
Well I finished my GCSEs four months after my last post (the reason for the dry season) and this year I just did my AS-levels...awaiting the results *cry*
My style and the way I want to use this blog has changed at lot since when I first set this up so you may see a few changes around here and I'd love it if you'd stay and help me make them. That is...if your not too angry? (*cough* I'm so sorry *cough*)

First things first I have started doing more creative things and DIYs so you may see more of those then just beauty related blogposts.
Second things...second?...I feel the need for a new blog name? I made this three years ago now and I'm no longer really feeling the ideas? I need help coming up with one.

I have my first (in a long time) blogpost all planned out for you guys and it's a money saving/creative kinda vibe so keep you eyes pealed for that because I wanna get that out by the end of the week.
Right Hannah stop blabbing and get to work then...

Happy Monday Daydreamers
Hannah xxx

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