Thursday, 23 February 2012

NOTD: Nail Rocks Snowflake Nail Wraps

Hey everyone, for christmas I got these nail wraps but never got a chance over the christmas season to try them out so I decided I would wait and use them for skiing. This is the first time I have ever used nail wraps so I'm sure my application of them wasn't the best and it takes a lot of practice.

I think these nail wraps are so gorgeous and great for winter especially over christmas. They aren't the easiest to apply and it does take a while but they last really well and I have had them on for four days now and they've only just started showing signs of wearing. The only problems I have with them is they are very hard to get on flat and they crinkle up a bit but I guess practice makes perfect. The snowflakes also don't show up very well which makes me feel for this particular design its more cost effective and easier to buy the barry m foil effects. I have had compliments over these nails so that makes me willing to buy the barry m one.

I got mine at christmas time, as I said before, when they were only available from Selfridges so mine cost me just over £7 but they are now available from topshop for £6.50 but different designs can range in price a bit. For this particular design I will not be buying it again and I will go with the barry m foil effects but I would like to try out more of nail rocks nail wraps as I don't believe the first use can really give them justice as they take a bit of practice to perfect the application. I actually have another pack waiting in my drawer for me to use so watch out for a post on that!

Also I want to get a fairly high coverage (but natural looking) dewy finish foundation, got any recommendations? I've been looking at bourjois' healthy mix foundation, any good?

Ditzy Doll

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  1. Hey span! I've been so crap on here because my internet has been down for the last 2 weeks! and still isn't fixed. Been trying so many times to post this on my iPhone as well but blogger app is so rubbish! These nails look fantastic my love, which is basically what I wanted to say and been trying to post for like 2 weeks now!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx