Tuesday, 7 February 2012

NOTD: Elegant Touch American Pink X-Short

Hey Everyone, so today I'm going to do a nails of the day for you. A while ago I brought some Elegant Touch classic french false nails in American Pink, X-Short. I used these once before a while ago but in a pre-glued form and they were really nice and I got so manly complements because they looked so natural but unfortunately they fell off like every 5 minuets which was very disappointing. So instead this time I tried ones where you used actual nail glue.

So obviously these take a bit longer to apply but they will hopefully be worth it and stay on longer. They are really natural looking and just look like I have really really good nice natural nails which is great! Unfortunately a few of them have already started falling off since putting them on earlier this afternoon which is very disappointing but hopefully after a second coating of glue they will be sorted.

Ditzy Doll

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