Thursday, 2 February 2012

Review: Gilly Hicks Lipcolor

in Dahlia

One of my friends actually got me this for my birthday and it's literally my new go-to lip product, I wear it every single day. I had always looked at Gilly Hick's makeup but never brought any and I wasn't expecting getting any for my birthday but I'm so glad I did.

The lipgloss is such a nice 'natural' lip pinky red and has really fine glitter in it which isn't even noticeable at first. The colour comes out really pigmented but not too strong and over powering so it's also really sheer at the same time. It smells amazing, of like a mixture of sugar, fudge and toffee and it also tastes so good. The gloss lasts about half an hour and the colour lasts about an hour so for a lipgloss that's pretty average. It's packaging is so nice and sleek and looks really high-end and classy. The colour is very similar to Bloom's lip gloss in Girlie just with a little extra glitter.

And compared to Bloom's Girlie:

Overall it costs £12 but you can get them on a 2 for £10 offer which doesn't even make sense because then who would only buy one? I would definitely buy this product again and again, I love it and it is part of my daily routine now and I can't do my everyday makeup without it!

Have you tried any Gilly Hicks Makeup? What did you think?

Ditzy Doll


  1. This looks HOT. I have never been into a Gilly Hicks! :'( WAAAAA dying to grab some new underwear from there xxxx

    1. Its so nice!! Oh my gosh you havehavehave to go! If you can get to it, there's one in westfield shepard's bush! The underwear is so nice xxxxx